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Headteacher's Welcome

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On behalf of staff and Governors, I would like to welcome you to Llangan Primary School’s new website.   The school has achieved much since first opening its doors in 1911 but we pride ourselves on continuing with the tradition of Llangan being a dynamic place where learning is exciting, stimulating and fun.


We want Llangan Primary School to reflect your aspirations and our high expectations in terms of behaviour and achievement and to be a happy place where adults and children work collaboratively to become lifelong learners.


We accept each of our children with the gifts and talents they offer.  We work in partnership to develop each child’s fullest potential as a person, and impart the skills and knowledge which will enable them to live and work happily in the adult world with a continuing appetite for learning.


Communication is the key to a smooth running and effective school and it is therefore essential that you seek help or clarity for anything you are unsure of, there are always staff who can assist you with difficulties or answer any questions that may arise.

We encourage parents to take part in the education of their children; we believe that by working together each child will make the best of the opportunities Llangan Primary School provides.  In all our activities we will endeavour to work as a family, in which each member will have a sense of value, belonging and a feeling of responsibility for the school and the community.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning, please feel free to contact the school.


Miss S. Price


Teaching Staff

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Mr. M. Sinnett

Deputy Headteacher &

KS2 Teacher

Miss. Z. Llewellyn

Foundation Phase Leader and KS2 Teacher

Mrs. L. Jarman-Davies

Foundation Phase Teacher

Mrs. D. Hughes

Foundation Phase Teacher

Mrs. T. Finucane

ALNCo and Nursery/Reception Teacher

Mrs. S. Antoniou

Foundation Phase Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs B. Williams

KS2 Teacher

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Mrs. S. Thomas

Administration Officer

Miss. L. Davies

Learning Support Assistant

Miss J. Wilson

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. R. Hill

Assistant School Cook

Mrs. T. Woodward

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. S. Stevens

Learning Support Assistant

Mr. H. Vaughan


Mrs. J. Day

Midday Supervisor

Mrs. C. Stevens

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. B. Blethyn

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs. P. Meek

School Cook

Miss. H. Palmer

Midday Supervisor