Welcome to Llangan Primary School's Virtual Sports Day

Summer 2020


"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game."

Michael Jordan


A welcome from everyone at Llangan

Welcome to our Special Socially Distanced Sports Day for 2020.
Sports Day is an annual event that many children, parents, carers and staff look forward to in the Summer Term. Obviously, the event cannot take place in the usual way, so at least you wont be 'forced' into walking to the field with 'Chariots of Fire' being played over the loudspeaker!
Everyone at Llangan are determined to make a memorable event happen, so...
We have a plan!


Llangan International Heptathlon


Each child will be asked to complete 7 different, specially designed, socially distanced events which can be completed either in school (by those attending) or at home with a few simple things.
The events can be completed all on the same day, or one each day & spread out over a whole week. It doesn't really matter. The most important thing is to have a go - and have FUN!


Heptathlon Events

Around the World

Grab a ball, BIG or small.....
Then all you need is your body to complete this task. You have to try and move the ball around your waist as many times as you can. The ball has to stay touching your body at all times, but don't worry if you don't or if you drop it, or it bounces on the floor, pick up your ball and get going once more! Count each time your ball travels around your body.
Your score is the number of times the ball travels around your body in 30 seconds.

Bat and Ball Keepy-Uppies

Hit a ball into the air with a bat.
Count how many times you hit the ball.  If the ball falls, pick it up and carry on counting.
No bat or ball? No worries - use your hand and a rolled up pair of CLEAN socks!
Your score is the total number of times you hit the ball in 30 seconds.

Kangaroo Hops

Jump from side to side like Joe!
Be just like Joe Wicks' with kangaroo hops. Put your feet together and jump from side to side over a rope or a tape measure or a chalk line on the ground.
Your score is the number of jumps you do in 30 seconds.

Over and Under

Up over and under you go!
Create a small barrier between knee and waist height - a mop or broom handle placed horizontally across 2 chairs works well.  The challenge is to go over the horizontal bar and then back under it. Count each time you pass the barrier. (HINT: Over & Under counts as 2).
Your score is the number of times you pass the barrier in 30 seconds.

Sock and Spoon

Go to the kitchen & grab a spoon... 
A variation of this sports day classic! Grab a large spoon (a wooden one from the kitchen is ideal) and rolled up pair of CLEAN socks or a potato (for your 'egg'). Place two 'markers' 3 large strides apart, balance your egg on your spoon and walk to the far marker and back. Count every time you pass either marker. (HINT: There and back counts as 2.)
Your score is the total number of markers you pass in 30 seconds.

Wall Ball Bounce

Grab a ball, BIG or small.....
Then all you need is a wall to bounce your ball against. Don't worry if you drop it, or it bounces on the floor, pick up your ball and get going once more! Count each time your ball hits the wall.
Your score is the number of times the ball hits the wall in 30 seconds.

Recreate a Sporting Event

The Hand of God or Fastest Man on the Planet... 
This is the last event of the LIH (Llangan International Heptathlon). This is a chance for you to recreate a famous sporting event or just your favourite sport. This challenge ensures each entry gains a house point and bonus points for the most original. The choice is up to you. You could recreate Usain Bolt winning 100m gold, Tom Daley diving, Andy Murray playing tennis or some goals from various football matches. Even use your bath to recreate the bobsleigh from Cool Runnings.... Get creative! We will however need photographic or video evidence, so make sure you do this with an adult, so you get their permission. Once you have your video or photo, please tweet them to @llanganprimary with the Hashtag #LlanganHeptathlon2020


Open Invitation!

Come and join the fun!

Take part any time until Sunday 12th July 

Parents, Carers, School Staff and Anyone who'd like to join in...

You don't escape either - you can have a go and submit your scores too! Your scores will help your child's house to win the coveted Sports Day Cup! To complete your scoring, please use the entry form here. Your final scores can be entered on this online form.